Picture this:

You are sitting in a conference room with an entire group of executives from your company.  This is a pretty big meeting.  They have asked you to sit in because they need someone to TAKE NOTES.  You are not supposed to say anything.

It’s been 3.5 hours in this room, many ideas and scenarios have been given and shot down.  For the past hour, you have had something stiring in you that you believe is a great idea to place on the table for discussion.  But, you’re the “note taker”.   What would happen if you spoke up?  Not thinking, AT ALL, you blurt it out.


All eyes on you.

Did you really speak up??

Did you really think what you had to say was so important that you had to interrupt the Vice President in the middle of his idea??

You want to crawl under the table, throw up, run for your life….ANYTHING!!!

You are surely gonna be FIRED on the spot.

But, instead, discussion starts again and YOUR idea has become the main topic!  “Brilliant” and “That would work” are said and within the hour a decision is made all based on the idea YOU presented.

Now….I’m not suggesting you get yourself fired, BUT…..

What if, instead of sitting around thinking you’re ideas are not imporant, you actually put them into play?

What if you shared your ideas with someone?

What would happen?

God created us as HIS masterpiece.  We are significant in HIS plan for the world.  Sometimes that small voice inside of us is God telling us to take a leap of faith….Get out of the boat…..

You can’t walk on water, if you don’t get out of the boat!


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