Doctors without Borders

Cholera vaccination in Tanzania

For the month of July Mandi’s Makings is partnering with Doctors without Borders.  Many of us have heard about them when a disaster strikes.  Or maybe some of you have known great people who have been part of this organization!

Over the past few years of researching trafficking, attending meetings, being part of sexual assault response teams, and coming face to face with some of these beautiful survivors, I’ve learned help is needed in EVERY area if we are going to stop trafficking from occuring.

Doctors without Borders is an organization that sends physicians out to “help people worldwide where the need is greatest, deliviering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters or exclusion from health care.”  During their time in the  field they come in contact with cases of human trafficking and have found that “one in three women treated by MSF (Doctors without Borders) in Rabat and Casablanca admitted having been subjected to one or more sexual attacks, either in their country of origin, during the journey and/or in Morocco. This figure could even be higher, as some women did not want to talk about what happened to them or accept what was revealed in their testimony. Thus sexual violence has become one of the most common forms of violence against migrant women.”

Many of you know Mandi’s Makings was started by providing handmade gifts to survivors of trafficking, which we still continue to do.  BUT, with such a bright light shinning on so many areas that need help, we feel it’s our responsibility to go further than giving these gifts to survivors.  It’s about helping those that are rescuing them.  It’s about giving to those organizations that are on mission to fight in the battle grounds.  It’s about loving not only those who have been trafficked. But, loving those who are risking their lives to rescue.  God has a plan for all of us.  We are all in this fight together.  And, for the month of July we choose to fight alongside Doctors without Borders who are loving those they are helping and rescuing those they can.

When you purchase something from our “Seeds Of Love” Collection during the month of July, Mandi’s Makings will send 20% of the proceeds to Doctors without Borders to help them provide meals, clean drinking water, surgical kits, nursing care, and any other area they see a need.




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