Seeds of Love

What are Seeds of Love?

Seeds of Love is our way of planting love, hope, and peace all over the world in not just one organization or area, but any and all that we can.

And YOU decide.

Mandi’s Makings is dedicated to coming alongside organizations worldwide who are making an impact.

As we’ve learned more about human trafficking, the truth shines through that this horrible injustice is hidden in every area of our world.  It is so intertwined in other problems, there is no way to see a clear line of seperation.  It makes me sick!

The great part is….there are organizations already established with warriors on the ground who are helping fight human trafficking (sex and labor), extreme poverty, domestic violence, and MANY other issues….I couldn’t begin to name them all!!

Each month YOU will choose one organization for Mandi’s Makings to pour into and “fight” alongside in hopes that our small gift can make a larger impact.

20% of the proceeds from our Seeds of Love Collection will be donated to the organization of the month.

The organization we are partnering with for the month of July is Doctors without Borders (you can read more about this in our post from yesterday).

If there is an organization that holds a special place in your heart, let us know!  We would love to reach out and connect with them so we can be part of the great work they are already doing.


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