What’s your view?


For my birthday, my husband and I always venture out to a small town and enjoy the day walking around, eating and shopping (Of course!)  This past birthday we decided to stay in our own town and act like tourists.  So, we ventured downtown.  When we finished lunch at Brett’s in downtown Fernandina, we walked around the marina and just enjoyed the view.  I stopped and took this picture as we walked and my husband asked me why was I taking a picture of something so ugly.  There were so many other things that would be better to photograph.  I didn’t think anything of it, just went about the day.  That was 13 days ago…..

This morning I was deleting photos off my phone and ran across the picture.  As I looked at it, God showed me the beauty in it.  Look past the dirty water.  Look past the nasty pilings.  Look past the darkness.  Do you see it?

There is an amazing view out there.

Blue Sky.
Clear Water.
There are even nice big boats on the left.

Sometimes life can bring us into ugly places just like this.  We feel trapped.  In complete darkness.  All we can see is the “dirty water” and “nasty pilings”.  But, look past this….

Do you see you kids?  Your spouse?  Great friends and family?  A job with great co-workers?

We all experience darkness in our life.  We’ve either just gotten out of it, we are in the middle of it, or we are getting ready to go through it (…sorry I had to be the messenger!)  But, God ALWAYS provides a great view…and it’s often in the form of the people he places in our lives.


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