One Spark 2016


We have been selected as a creator for One Spark 2016!

It’s humbling to be selected for this event.

If I’m gonna be honest, I wrestled for a while with applying in the first place.

I mean, lets be real, how crazy does it sound to say, we want to apply to the “largest crowdfunding event in the world” to raise $8,000 to make hats.

Ok…so that’s not the whole story…

See, we want to raise the funds to create Slouchy Beanies: Beanies that Make a Statement.

Our Project: Slouchy beanies that make a statement, providing an opportunity for self-expression while allowing us to send beanies to survivors of trafficking and those still being trafficked. Beanies are handmade and each badge is created from a recycled t-shirt.

We are looking forward to purchasing a new printer for the badges, a new press machine for the t-shirts and enough materials to create 1,000 Statement Beanies.  500 to create for customers and 500 to send to survivors of trafficking/ extreme poverty.  

You can learn more about the organizations we partner with on our website:

To support our crowdfunding campaign go to:

To learn more about One Spark and the other creators, visit:


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