I told God I wasn’t a writer

I told God I wasn’t a writer.

Not just once….many times…for years now.

It always ends as a funny story when you try to tell God who you are.

He has a loving way of reminding us HE is the creator, and we are HIS creation.

So…I am now a writer…As part of an online daily devotion called Our Words Collaborative.

Go ahead and laugh…I’ll wait.

I saw the “call for writers” online and was instantly excited about the new daily devotion, because these would be amazing women who God would allow to pour into my life!  Yay, for me!

As quickly as I was thinking about MY benefit from this, God reminded me of something I wrote over a year ago and said “submit it.”


I’m not a writer.

(we all know how that turned out.)

I’m a writer.

As I thought about this I realized,  the areas we know we are being called to and feel the least qualified are where God will send us, because that’s where we will need Him the most.

He’s a jealous God.  And I am so glad He is.

Through this I realized I will need to spend more time in prayer.  More time in His Word.  More time in solitude.  More time listening to His Voice over the voice of others.

My question to you today is this…

Is God calling you to go somewhere you feel unqualified to go?  If so, ask yourself:

Will this force me to spend more time in prayer?

More time in His Word?

More time in solitude?

More time listening to His Voice over the voice of others?

If so, you know what you need to do.

Remember, you are who God says you are.  Even if you don’t feel like it.


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