Just Do It

We all know “Just Do It” is a Nike slogan that’s been around forever.

When we watch their commercials we see athletes as well as everyday people lacing up to hit the streets and run.

The commercials have become more than just about buying a pair of shoes.  They are an inspiration.

As I’ve watched more of those commercials than I can count, I found myself using this slogan in my every day life.

Recently I came to realize that I sit around planning and talking about all these great things I could be doing, but that’s sometimes where it stops.

Saying I’ll do something is not DOING something.

In 2012, I took what I knew about Human Trafficking and acted on making a difference.  I sent a box of handwoven belts to survivors as a gift for them to remind them they are loved, valued and worthy.

In 2013, I launched a company to partner with shelters and organizations worldwide who were rescuing and impacting victims.

And as of today, because of God’s guidance and many amazing volunteers, we have impacted lives of almost 1500 survivors and victims.

I’m not saying this to receive a pat on the back.  I want this to be an inspiration for someone.

I could still be the girl who knew Human Trafficking was happening but just sat at home at night wishing it didn’t.

Do you want to stop trafficking?

Do you want to help feed the poor?

Do you want to provide shelter for the homeless?

Do you want to spend time with the elderly in nursing homes so they don’t feel alone?

Do you want to become a foster parent to children on the streets?

Do you want to give hope to victims of domestic violence?

Sometimes all we need to do is take one step to ignite the plan God has for our lives.  Don’t sit around anymore wondering what you could do.

Just do it.



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