I write because…

I saw a post recently that asked the question:

“Why do you write?”

At first I thought it was a trick question.  It’s definitely not because I think I’m the best writer in the world.  I’m not planning on winning gold medals (or whatever you get for writing the best stuff!).  But if I do, hey, I’ll write an acceptance speech!

I really started to think though, “Why do I get up at 5:00 a.m. some mornings (or earlier!) and write before I’ve let a cup of coffee penetrate every blood vessel?”

As quickly as I started to analyze this question, I realized it’s the reason I do it even when I don’t feel adequate.

1 – To encourage others to pursue their passion and dream and never give up.

2 – To provide hope to those who feel hopeless.

3 – To remind women they are valuable, worthy and loved.

That’s why I write.

And if my writings only reach a small handful of people, but it makes a difference in their life, then I’ve succeeded.

So, let me ask you…why do you do what you do?


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