My own “Loved Bible” 

Ok, so here’s a story that I would not appreciate as much if it weren’t for The Loved Bible Project.

A few years ago I remember thinking how pastors/ teachers of The Word, that I have admired so much, all have these black leather, red letter, easy to read, flimsy bibles. It’s as though there is an anointing on that type of bible that only those people have…you know what I mean? And, I wanted one SO bad! (I think about this now and it sounds ridiculous.) But, isn’t it funny how we think God doesn’t listen to us. We think He doesn’t hear our unspoken requests.  

I’ve had many opportunities to buy one, but never had the desire to make it a priority. 

Over the last few months, I’ve had the privilege of “loving” a few bibles and it has stretched me and grown my passion for the Bible in ways I can’t even explain. I think about the time I spend in that bible. Who will receive it? Will they know how grateful I am that they have the bible I’ve spent so much time with? How will my highlights, underlines and written notes impact their walk with God? Will my prayers be answered that this bible will change their life?

I actually forgot about the black leather bible, because I came to realize it doesn’t matter what the Bible looks like, they all contain God’s promise. And the look of it on the outside doesn’t change the love He wants to share with us on the inside.

But, just today, I walked into a placed I’d never been before and there were walls of books. I looked up on the top of one of the shelves and noticed something that had been pushed to the back. When my short self lifted on my tip toes to see what it was, this is what I discovered…

A black leather bible, red lettering, NIV, easy to read, and “flimsy”. 

My heart melted.

As I opened it I found that it had belong to a lady whose name was signed and dated on the front page. She had definitely spent a good amount of time “loving” on this bible, complete with underlines, highlights, and written notes.

Today, God gave me a “loved bible”. Not because I don’t have a bible, but because He knew my heart so many years ago. Because He didn’t forget. And, because now I know THIS bible isn’t special because of its looks, it’s special because it’s been gifted to me as a reminder that God loves me and pays attention to every small detail of my life.  

God sees you. He knows what you need.


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