Many of us are in a position right now where we are responsible for something. We are “managing” something in our lives. Some of us are managing businesses, organizations, ministries, families, households, etc. Maybe you were called by God to do something great, but have become so fearful of what the future holds that you’ve gotten stuck. You began this call on our life, whatever it may be, with high expectations, but have allowed fear to come in and scare you from your next step.

See, what many of us tend to forget is that we are just called to be “managers”. When you look at the position of a manager it is usually someone who follows the direction of the owner. And others working for the company may report to the manager, but they are ultimately following the direction of the owner as well. 

Too many of us are so full of fear because we think that all the responsibility falls on us. We’re afraid to make the wrong decision, because we think the outcome may result in growth and we are scared that what we have been called to will be too big for us to handle.

Do you want in on a little secret? 

It will be.

See, God is the owner of the mission that he has called you to. 

YOU are the manager. 

This means that the responsibility of the future does not lie on our shoulders, it’s in God’s hands. It can become difficult to move forward when we’re unsure of what tomorrow may bring. But the greatest thing is that God is already there. He already knows the outcome. He knows who will be impacted by your faithfulness.  

Many people who are in a managing position also have the fear of making the wrong decision, because they know there are other people who could be affected… like those workers who are part of the same mission. We become so stuck on trying not to make the wrong decision that we stop.  Or, we shrink back instead of moving forward because were afraid that we might mess something up. 

But the truth is God is in control. 

Not us. 

We need to remember that God is the owner and we are the manager. So, when we move forward into the call God has on our lives, those who we are responsible for may be following behind us, but we’re not in control their destiny.  When we follow God, those who are following us are ultimately following God as well. So that takes pressure off of us. 

We can be confident in knowing that if we are fixing our eyes on Jesus and his plan for our life, no matter who ends up on the same mission field as us, God is ultimately responsible for them.

It is God’s mission field.

Not ours.

Be free in knowing you have a responsibility to follow God’s call for your life, but you are not responsible for everyone else’s.

Do what God calls you to do, and let Him do the rest. 


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