The Loved Bible Project – Identity Challenge

Hello.  I apologize for not being on here lately.  But, LIFE.

Remember that Prayer Challenge we went through together back in February?  Well, some of you mentioned you wanted to do another one.  SO…

I wanted to invite you to one I am doing with The Loved Bible Project.  We started on May 1st (I apologize for the late notice!) and each day focuses on a scripture related to who God says we are.

Day 1 started with “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”.

Day 2 was “I have been justified”.

Day 3 was “I am not alone”.

Day 4 was “I am delivered”.

And, today is Day 5 – “I am not helpless.”

Would you join me?

HERE is the link to the devotional, so you can follow along with us each day.  AND – make sure to follow us on the Facebook page, so you can share your pictures or see others that coincide with each Identity statement.

Remember…this world and your situations DO NOT define who you are.  God does.


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