I’m praying for you today

I received a sweet note from a friend that said:

“I am praying for you today.”

When I receive a note like this, I am always so thankful.  To know that this friend finds it important to take time out of her day to approach God’s throne on my behalf is humbling.  To know she has the confidence to believe that when she approaches God’s throne He will hear her prayer and answer is beautiful. 

There have been many time in the past I have prayed for things because I thought it was “the right thing to do.”  I found it an obligation, not a privilege.

Now, I recognize…it’s a gift.  A blessing.  An honor. 

WE GET TO PRAY!  And, not just for ourselves.  We get to pray for others!

Have you ever watched a movie about “a kingdom” and noticed the authority level?  In order for any servant to approach the throne of the king, you must have permission for multiple guards and leaders.  Most of the time, it’s not allowed at all.

Do you realize, “all authority on Heaven and Earth has been given to God” (Matthew 28:18)?  He is in charge of it all.  And, because Jesus died to save you and me, we are able to approach the throne of God Almighty, Prince of Peace, Lord of Lords and ask for WHATEVER we wish, according to His will.

So, I encourage you….pray for someone today.  Approach the throne of God on their behalf.  Jesus died so you could.  And know that when you do so, God sees you and loves you too!


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