Waiting and Biopsy Results

Prayer is powerful. I believe it works and I believe that it’s through our time in prayer (and SOLITUDE!) that we recognize how strong we really are. Because, we begin to see our strength only increases when we are willing to transfer our struggles from our shoulders to God’s.

Over the last several months I experienced 2 things no one ever wants to experience.  

1 – Waiting (a daily struggle!)
2 – Biopsy results
Even worse is having to WAIT for the BIOPSY RESULTS!
Those are the results.
This post really isn’t about those details. It is about what I have learned because of them.
I learned how strong I am when I completely trust God (probably because I had no other choice!)

AND the strength He gives us through our closest family and friends…

A friend who is willing to sit in waiting rooms with you.
A friend who texts EVERY day to ask if the results have arrived yet (this might sound annoying to you, but since it was a 24 hour thought in my head – it was nice to know I wasn’t alone!)
A mom who drives 6 hours with less than 24 hours notice so I don’t have to go to a procedure alone.
A HUSBAND who (God bless him!!) was out of town during this last minute procedure and had no way of getting home in time, but stood STRONG for me!  (This man.)

Messages, emails, phone calls, etc. from close family and friends letting me know they were praying.  And, calling to pray with me over the phone.

I am one lucky lady.
Here’s the thing…this was what I had to go through.  
Your difficult season, trial, hurt, pain and suffering may look different.
But the God who walked with me so I wasn’t alone, wants to walk with you too.  

My God is Your God.

He is my strength and He is your strength.
He is my comfort and He is your comfort.
He was there with me and He is there with you.
He heard my prayers and He hears yours.

So, I don’t know what you are facing today, but I would like to extend my time in prayer for you.  
Prayer used to be overwhelming to me because I thought I was “responsible” for someone else’s situation.  


Now I recognize prayer is a gift we get to experience. We get to approach the throne of the Creator of ALL THINGS and present requests on behalf of HIS children.  We get to sit with God and talk to Him about the struggles, hurt, pain and fear we all face.
I would be honored to sit with God alongside you and present requests to Him on your behalf.
Send me a message and let me know how I can pray for you today!


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