Are you ready? No? Perfect.

Have you ever stopped and realized you just had a conversation with yourself?

I know a lot of people talk to themselves, but that’s not what this was.  It was more like a flesh vs. Spirit conversation.

Flesh: “I know you want me to relay this “thing” God, but how’s that gonna happen?”

Spirit: “Use your words.”

Flesh: “But wouldn’t it be better if I just gave them Your Word and they could figure it out from there.  Your words are so much better than me trying to explain it.  I’d just trip all over them.” 

Spirit: “Oh, HELLO, MOSES.”


Has this ever happened to you?!

God tries to send you, because you clearly told Him you would GO.  But, when He shows you a glimpse of where He’s calling you, you quickly think of all the ways this could go wrong and remind God (Ha!) of who would be better suited.

In Exodus 4:12 God tells Moses that it isn’t Moses that will bring the people out of Egypt.  It’s GOD who will be Moses’ mouth and teach him what to say.

It was a good reminder this morning that where God’s calling me to GO isn’t because I’m ready for it.  God’s calling me because AS I GO He will be there to speak for me and teach me along the way. 

Where are you not going because it seems scary?

What are you not doing because you don’t feel ready?

Can I encourage you?  


And, AS YOU GO, God will speak through you and teach you each step of the way.


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