Have you been rejected?

Do you remember during your Junior/ Senior year of high school when you were submitting your college applications and there was that ONE school you were hoping to get in to?

Maybe you submitted applications to other schools, because your parents and counselors told you to make sure you applied to other places JUST IN CASE.  But, in the back of your mind you were praying and hoping for the acceptance letter from THE ONE.

When the letters started rolling in from the other schools, you were still on pins and needles waiting for THE ONE.  Finally, weeks later, you checked the mail and there it was.  The letter from the school you pined over for years.  The official seal of the school is right there on the outside of the envelope.  The anticipation is overwhelming.  You run inside, excitedly open it, ready to start packing and preparing for your time at this élite school, only to read that you haven’t been accepted.

Your shoulders slump and you start to think about all the things you could go back and do differently that would make this an acceptance letter.

I should have been in more extra-curricular activities.

I should have studied more in History.

I should have spent more time at home in the books instead of outside with friends.

I should have read at the library more than I was drinking at parties.

You begin to think about all the should have’s, could have’s and would have’s, but didn’t.  And, it doesn’t make you feel any better.  It actually can make you feel worse.

Can I tell you something?  You HAVE been accepted.

There is a purpose and plan for your life that far out measures an acceptance letter from the ONE college you were hoping for.  Don’t get me wrong…I know it hurts.  I know it’s hard.  I know tears were shed and dreams were crushed.  But, you have been made for more than that.

You have been created by the God of the Universe.  You were created in His image.  You were made for a greater purpose.  BIGGER than you can even imagine.

Don’t let a rejection letter from a college, not receiving a dream job, or even a failed relationship decide who you will become.

You have a purpose. 

And, no matter what has happened in your past, that purpose hasn’t changed.

Wanna know a secret??

I was HORRIBLE in English.  By horrible I mean, by the time my papers were given back to me they were so marked up I sometimes wondered why I even wrote anything at all.

But, a few years ago, God gave me a platform to write for an online devotional. 



And, today, I am a few steps away from publishing my first book.

Dream big and pray hard.

I promise….The best is yet to come.



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