New ICB Kids Prayer Bible

The New ICB (International Children’s Bible) Prayer Bible is just precious!  This translation was specifically written for young children to be able to connect to the Bible and learn how to pray.

AND – it is offered in Pink for girls 💕or Blue for boys 💙Throughout this Bible there are 160 beautiful colorful pages with poem prayers, scripture prayers and Q&A pages to guide them along the journey into their own prayer life/ walk with God.  These pages will help them learn more about prayer and how to pray.  It will help highlight some of the popular prayers such as: Abraham’s prayer to the Lord, Jesus’ prayer before his crucifixion, and Paul’s prayers for the Churches.It can show them how God’s people prayed and help them feel more comfortable in writing down their own prayers.This Bible is meant to show your children that God hears their prayers.  When we pray, He listens.  It’s such an encouragement to show them how prayers were prayed throughout the Bible and how God heard them and responded.The print in the Bible is also crisp and large enough for children to read.  It is meant to help them develop a heart for prayer and learn the Bible through a simple to read translation.And, what’s also fun is the journal included in the back pocket of the Bible.  This is a place for your child to write their own personal prayers.  They can share their thoughts and feeling on these pages and have a way to go back and see how God answers them or how He responds to their requests.  To enter into the giveaway for this Bible, go to: can also receive a sample of the book + a discount code on faith gateway for those who download the sample.  For the freebies and discount code link, go to: To purchase the PINK Prayer Bible: purchase the BLUE Prayer Bible: (*I received a complimentary copy of the ICB Prayer Bible)


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