A brutally honest post…

Here goes nothing.

I have been bored at church lately.  And more than that, I have found myself for many weeks not wanting to go at all.

Now let me clarify…this has nothing to do with the church I attend or the pastors.  When I think about our church and the wisdom surrounding all that God is doing in and outside of the four walls, I am thankful I get to be part of this family.

But I’ve found myself sitting in church many times in a funk.

I’ve spent many weeks psyching myself up for going.  I get to see friends and our worship team is amazing.  But growing up in church, I’ve heard some of the same sermons over and over again.  When I listen I sometimes find myself thinking about laundry, dishes, work and even donuts (this may have something to do with the fact that our pastor talks about donuts A LOT, but I digress…).

However, over the last several weeks I’ve noticed a peak of interest.

I wasn’t sure what was happening but the stories I’ve heard hundreds of times started to become fresh and new.  And early this morning I realized why….

You see, last year I made a commitment to read the Bible.  Not a bible study, not a book about the bible or reading a chapter here and a book there.  I started at Genesis 1:1.

(Now…for those of you who know how many times I’ve committed to reading the Bible from cover to cover you are probably laughing now.  Go ahead.  I’ll give you a minute.)

Can we keep going?  Ok…

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…”

As soon as I read the first line, I was done.  I had started and failed so many times I didn’t know why I was setting myself up for failure again.  But after many “You can do this!” chants, I pushed through.


As of today, I am reading all about Esther becoming queen.

I do not share this for a pat on the back.  I share because I realized my problem wasn’t the sermons.  It was my perspective.

I have spent years of my life trying to understand the Bible from someone else’s perspective, when that’s never the way God intended it to be.

There is a reason why someone can read one verse and pull so much wisdom from it and someone else can read the same verse and pull something so different.  God’s Word is ALIVE.  It speaks into our situation TODAY.  It heals our hurts.  It redeems our brokenness.  And, it shows us that the God in the Bible is still the same God today.  What He did for them, He wants to do for us. Many of the problems they faced are similar to the ones we are facing today.

And, I’m learning when you read the Bible from cover to cover, you get a “Behind the scenes” look into the lives of God’s people.

See, on Sunday morning you are receiving the highlights.  You get the “good stuff”.  The sermon only last about 30 minutes, so the pastor does not have time to give you ALL the details. But to fully engage and be transformed by God’s Word, you have to understand the background into the stories on Sunday morning.

If you wait every week for Sunday morning so you can get a small dose of the Bible, I promise you will end up right where I was.


Don’t wait.  Don’t let someone else’s point of view be the only view you have of the Bible.

It was never intended to be that way.

Feed yourself. Seek the details. See your life on the pages.

That’s how real transformation happens.


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