“If You Only Knew” by Jamie Ivey

THIS book.

If you are even questioning whether or not to buy it, BUY. IT.

In the beginning  I thought, “how ironic that the very first book I review for B&H Publishers is about becoming free”. I have a passion for seeing those trafficked become FREE, so it seemed fitting.  But, I gained so much freedom for myself through this book.

As I read, I felt like I could be sitting on the couch having a chat with my best friend.  Jamie writes in such a way to make you feel comfortable enough to step out of the darkness of your background you try to hid in.  She lovingly reminds us that we don’t have to stay stuck.  And, the way she does it?

By sharing HER Freedom story.

It’s one thing to have someone tell you to let go, move on, stop living this way.  It’s another thing to have someone tell you they did it and they want that freedom for you too.

God’s Word tells us we will reach people with the word of our testimony, and Jamie is doing just that!

You don’t have to stay stuck. In the very beginning she says,

“I don’t know about you, but I talk to enough women today to know that this is a place where many of us are living. Trapped in our past. Hidden deep inside our secrets. Defeated by our struggles. The sum total of our depressing parts. Pretending, not empowered. Fake, not free.”

I think all of us carry the weight of our struggles and we don’t have to. She writes in such a way to make you WANT TO share and be free from the fake lives we are trying to hard to live.

I encourage you, dear friend, pick up your copy today.

I was given this book by Lifeway/ B&H Publishing in exchange for my honest review.


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