In Bloom

Have you ever read a book about self-doubt and shame and by the end the author has made you feel bad about feeling the way you do?


Well, that’s not this book.

This one is HILARIOUS!  You will probably need to make sure you don’t have water, tea, coffee, or any drinking substance in your mouth as you read, because you might just spit it on your book.

It’s that funny.

Aimee tells you story after story that will make you feel like you have just found a new best friend.  You will be laughing so hard you’re crying while you learn you are not alone in the way you feel about who you are and who you wish you were.  But, she puts it all into perspective.

This book will:

“Identify the deep-seated sources of our assumed inadequacy and replace them with steadfast truths of scriptural affirmation.

Replace our need for approval with the enduring promise of acceptance

Uncover our purpose, unlock our potential, and celebrate the God-given gifts in our unique personality.”

Seriously, just click here and grab this book right now!

And, I love how her writing is so real and she tells of times she tried to become like “others” because she was ashamed of who she was.  It’s such a sweet reminder that you don’t have to do anything to “fix” who you are.

You are you, and that is perfect!


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